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Unique Challenges of Crafting Employee Handbooks for Charities

Crafting an employee handbook is an important task for any organization, but for charities it can come with its own unique challenges. Here are some of the hurdles charities face when creating employee handbooks: 

  1. Balancing mission & operations: Charities must strike a delicate balance between articulating their mission-drive values and addressing operational policies & procedures. 

  1. Volunteer integration: Charities often rely on volunteers alongside paid staff. Incorporating policies that cater to both groups, while acknowledging the different dynamics & expectations between the groups, requires thoughtful consideration and flexibility in the handbook. 

  1. Compliance complexity: Charities are often subject to specific legal & regulatory requirements, including tax-exempt status regulations and compliance with donor restrictions. Ensuring that the handbook addresses these unique compliance needs while remaining accessible & understandable to employees can be a challenge. 

  1. Resource constraints: Many charities operate with limited resources, making it difficult to dedicate time & resources to developing comprehensive handbooks (and keeping them up to date!).  

  1. Diverse stakeholders: Charities often serve diverse communities & cater to various stakeholders including donors, beneficiaries & volunteers. Creating a handbook that reflects this diversity and addresses the needs & expectations of different stakeholders requires careful navigation and stakeholder engagement.  

Did you know that A&A Business Consulting has worked extensively with charities & not-for-profit organizations. We understand the unique challenges of the NFP sector and can help you revise existing handbooks or create a new handbook from scratch. Contact us today to find out more.  


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Unique Challenges of Employee Handbooks for Charities

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