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Top 5 Elements for Your Employee Handbook

An employee handbook serves as a foundational document that outlines essential information about company policies, procedures & expectations. When you’re crafting your employee handbook, here are the top 5 things you should include: 

  1. Company Policies: Clearly articulate company policies on important topics – like time off, attendance, dress codes, etc.  

  1. Code of Conduct: Define the expected standards of behaviour & professionalism in the workplace. This should include guidelines on respectful communication, conflict resolution & adherence to company values. 

  1. Compensation & Benefits: Detail employee benefits (like health & dental benefits), retirement plans (RRSP matching, pensions, etc.), paid time off, and any other perks offered. Clearly outline compensation structures & processes (ex. Is there an annual increase process in place).  

  1. Health & Safety: Provide information on workplace safety protocols, emergency procedures, health & wellness, etc. Make sure employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding workplace safety. 

  1. Legal Compliance: Include information on your provincial and/or federal legal requirements, such as equal employment opportunity policies, anti-discrimination policies, wage & hours regulation, etc. It’s critical to ensure that your employee handbook reflects compliance with provincial & federal legislation.  

Did you know that A&A Consulting can write a new employee handbook, or revise an existing one to ensure it covers everything needed to protect your business, AND make it fun to read for employees? Contact us today to find out more! 


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Five Most Important Elements for Employee Handbooks

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