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Our Story

In the heart of our journey lies a vision for change – a vision that sparked the creation of Amanda & Amber Business Consulting, a forward-thinking HR consulting firm dedicated to redefining industry norms & championing a new era of human resources.


Our founders, Shilo & Destree, shared a passion for simplifying complex HR challenges. After years of navigating corporate landscapes, they recognized a critical need for simpler, more effective solutions. Fueled by this insight and a shared commitment to values over profit margins, they took a leap of faith to establish a consultancy that prioritizes employee well-being and social impact above all else. And since they knew their unique first names are difficult to pronounce, they named the firm “Amanda and Amber” (a combination of their middle names) and often go by the shorter nickname “A&A”.

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Our Approach

At Amanda & Amber, we embody a philosophy that transcends transactional relationships. We believe in truly immersing ourselves to become integral partners with the organizations we serve. Our approach is strategic, tailored, and deeply collaborative. We listen, understand, and co-create solutions that align with our clients unique visions and aspirations.


One of our guiding principles is accessibility. We firmly believe that every business, regardless of size or budget, deserves expert HR support. That’s why we keep our rates affordable & offer flexible payment options, ensuring that even the smallest of businesses & charities can benefit from our services without compromise.


But our mission goes beyond affordability. We’re here to challenge stereotypes & break molds. We reject the notion that HR is dull, or limited to recruitment & payroll. Instead, we see HR as a dynamic force for positive change – encompassing holistic well-being, diversity & inclusion, ethical practices and continuous learning. We believe that when HR is done right, organizations excel.


Join us on this transformative journey. Let’s defy expectations, elevate industry standards, and together, build workplaces where people thrive & organizations flourish. At Amanda & Amber, we’re not just consultants; we’re catalysts for a brighter future in HR. Together we’ll rewrite the narrative – one meaningful partnership at a time.


Consultancy Canada-wide

We work with a team of consultants in Calgary, across Alberta, and across Canada. All of our consultants have more than a decade of experience in HR, change management, or HR specifically in the not-for-profit sector. No matter what your challenges are, we have a team of experts with the experience to help.

We also have network connections to other business professionals in areas like benefits, insurance, and marketing and are happy to refer you for the services we aren't able to offer.

Our Process

Identify Your Needs

You're already here! That likely means you've already identified a pain point (or several!) and you're looking for information about solutions. Or maybe you found your way here because you're looking for support scaling up, scaling down, or tackling a large project. Either way - you've already completed step one.

Complete an HR Assessment

In most cases, the next step after our initial call would be booking a basic HR assessment related to the concerns we've identified during the call. For more information about assessments, check out the links below:

Find Out How We Can Help

This step is easy - book a free, no-obligation call with us to discuss your needs. We can go through some details with you and give you some options of how we can help you. These calls are a quick 15-30 minutes.

If you'd rather reach out by email, we can also assist you that way.

Implement the Changes

After you receive the report from us based on your assessment, you have two choices. You can use the data in the report to work on implementing the changes yourself, or you can choose to engage our services to work with you on some or all of the points identified. Don't worry - we'll work together to create a comprehensive proposal based on your budget and priorities.

Ready to book your free consultation? Book easily online now!

Our Beliefs
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Our Values

Empowerment & Growth: We believe in empowering individuals to thrive & grow. Our commitment to continuous learning & development fosters personal & professional growth among our employees & clients.

Work-Life Harmony: We champion work-life harmony by promoting flexible work arrangements, prioritizing well-being, and ensuring fair compensation. Our policies & practices support a balanced lifestyle for our team & the organizations we serve.

Inclusivity & Diversity: We celebrate diversity & champion inclusivity. Embracing different perspectives, backgrounds & experiences enriches our workplace culture and strengthens our ability to deliver innovative solutions.

Transparent Communication: We value open & transparent communication. By fostering a culture of honestly & trust, we ensure clarity in our interactions & decisions, which promotes a supportive & collaborative environment.

Community Engagement & Social Impact: We are committed to making a positive impact beyond our business. Through community engagement & social responsibility initiatives, we contribute to meaningful change & advocate for societal well-being.

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Ready to Get Started?

Use the buttons below to book a FREE, no-obligation phone call to discuss your business and how we can help you. Or, you can fill in our online quote form and we'll get back to you with some pricing options. 

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