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Employee Handbooks: What NOT to Include

Updated: Apr 5

Crafting an employee handbook is a crucial task for any organization – it sets the tone for workplace culture & expectations. However, there are things you should avoid to ensure clarity, fairness & legal compliance. Here are the top things to watch out for when creating an employee handbook: 

  1. Outdated policies: Avoid including outdated or irrelevant policies that no longer reflect the current workplace environment or legal requirements. Regularly review & update your handbook to ensure accuracy & relevance – it's worth building out an annual review cycle of your handbook content.  

  2. Vague language: Steer clear of ambiguous or unclear language that may lead to misinterpretation or confusion among employees. Use clear & concise language to convey policies & expectations.  

  3. Overly restrictive policies: Avoid implementing overly restrictive policies that infringe on employees' rights or autonomy. Strike a balance between protecting the interests of the organization while respecting the rights & autonomy of your employees.  

  4. Discriminatory language: Ensure the language used in your handbook is inclusive and free from any form of discrimination or bias. Avoid language that may discriminate against employees based on any protected characteristics (such as race, gender, age, disability, etc.). 

  5. Lack of flexibility: Avoid creating rigid policies that don’t allow for flexibility or individual differences among employees. Consider implementing policies that accommodate diverse needs and preferences to foster an inclusive workplace. 

Employee handbooks can lead to legal challenges and expensive settlements for companies – it's important to take the time to do them right. 

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Employee Handbooks: What Not to Include

five things not to include in employee handbooks

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