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Navigating Remote Work: Tips for Small Businesses

As remote work continues to become a norm for many businesses, smaller organizations face unique challenges in adapting to this new reality. Here are some essential tips for small businesses to navigate remote work successfully: 

  1. Embrace technology: Invest in reliable communication & collaboration tools to keep remote teams connected & productive. Tools like Zoom, Slack, MS Teams, Smartsheets, etc. can help facilitate seamless collaboration regardless of physical location.  

  1. Set clear expectations: Establish clear guidelines and expectations for remote work, including work hours, availability & communication protocols. Clarifying expectations upfront helps remote employees stay organized and accountable. 

  1. Prioritize cybersecurity: With remote work comes increased security risks. Implement robust cybersecurity measures like VPNs, dual-factor authentication and encryption software & ensure that employees are trained on how to safeguard sensitive data and protect against phishing scams.  

  1. Foster a positive company culture: Maintaining a sense of community among remove teams is critical. This can be accomplished through virtual team-building activities, regular check-ins, and recognition of the achievements of staff. Cultivating a positive culture will foster engagement & morale – while this is always important, it becomes something you have to actively work at with remote work. 

  1. Evaluate & Adapt: continuously assess the effectiveness of remote work policies & practices and be willing to adapt as needed. Solicit feedback from remote employees and adjust workflows or procedures when needed. 


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navigating remote work for small businesses


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