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Small Businesses

So, you have a business. You have atleast one employee, but less than 100. You don't have an HR team, or a dedicated HR person supporting your employees (outside of payroll and basic admin work, which maybe you still do yourself). Your HR needs are pretty simple, and you may have a pretty small budget - or no budget at all - set aside for HR. Here's some of the most popular services we offer for small businesses to add value, protect your business, and give you back time in your day.

Outsourced HR
Let us be your HR team! This option is significantly less expensive than hiring your own part-time or full-time HR person, and is perfect for companies with less than 100 employees. It saves you time and makes sure that you're compliant with provincial and federal legislation.

Outsourced Recruitment
We get it. Recruitment takes so much time. Between getting the job posting up, and weeding through the hundreds of resumes (most of which may not even meet the minimum qualifications). Or even worse – you may have no applications! When you finally book some people in for an interview, at least one person is a no-show and you find out another didn’t read the advertisement and has salary expectations way higher than what you can offer. You finally find the right candidate, but by the time you complete references and pull an offer together, they’ve already taken another job.
Recruitment is time consuming, but unless you’re hiring every week it’s probably not cost-effective to have your own recruiter. We can be your recruiting department for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone yourself. How does recruitment outsourcing save you time?

Employee Handbooks
Handbooks - and the associated policies that go in them - are arguably one of the most important pieces of HR that a small business can have. If you already have a handbook, we can help by reviewing it and identifying any weaknesses or ambiguous language. And if you don't have a handbook, we've got lots of ways to help you there as well.

Why Work With Us?

We speak ‘small business’. We understand the challenges that face small businesses and how often HR services are just not affordable.

  1. We are affordable. We have industry-leading rates, and you can get help for as low as $500/month

  2. For small businesses, we offer payment plans for projects over $2000 to help spread out your costs. We’re one of the only agencies in Canada that offer payment plans.

  3. We offer the option to pay by credit card. We get cash-flow can be a challenge, and we’re one of the only agencies in Canada that offer credit card payment options.

  4. We’re not going to up-sell you. Your needs at this stage in your business journey are usually pretty simple. We aren’t here to overcomplicate things or sell you services you don’t need. Let’s start with the basics – and as you grow, we can be a partner with you.

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While we've included a snippet of popular small business services here, we offer a wide range of other services as well. For a breakdown on our other offerings, check our our Services page.

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