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Charity Volunteers

Medium Charities & Not-For-Profits

About you: You run a charity or NFP. You likely have less than 500 employees and volunteers combined. You have your own HR specialist or a small team. You've got the basics of your HR strategies in place already.


Here's some of the most popular services we offer for medium sized charities and NFPs to add value, protect you, and give you back time in your day.

Engagement & Experience Support
Employee and volunteer engagement support is crucial for medium-sized charities and nonprofits as it directly impacts organizational effectiveness and mission achievement. Engaged individuals are more committed, productive, and aligned with the organization's goals, leading to improved performance, higher retention rates, and enhanced service delivery.

Training & Workshops
Have a specific struggle or pain point? Are you wanting help in a specific area without looking to commit to ongoing assistance? Our training and workshops are an excellent value-add to your organization. We can come in and provide tailored training or workshops specific to the areas you're struggling in or would like to see further growth and development.

Data Analytics
We have seen a steady increase in both boards and donors wanting to see KPIs and SLAs in charities and not-for-profit organizations. We know this can be a hurdle with limited resources and technology to advance data maturity. We offer services specifically tailored to help in this area.

Why Work With Us?

We speak 'charities'. We understand the challenges that face medium sized charities and NFPs, and how often HR services are just not affordable.

  1. We are affordable. We have industry-leading rates, and you can get help for as low as $500/month.

  2. For smaller organizations, we offer payment plans for projects over $2000 to help spread out your costs. We’re one of the only agencies in Canada that offer payment plans.

  3. We offer the option to pay by credit card. We get cash-flow can be a challenge, and we’re one of the only agencies in Canada that offer credit card payment options.

  4. We’re not going to up-sell you. We aren’t here to overcomplicate things or sell you services you don’t need. Let’s start with the basics – and as you grow, we can be a partner with you.

  5. We can help suggest grants and funding to assist with offsetting your cost of consulting services.

Office Meeting



While we've included a snippet of popular services for medium sized charities and NFPs here, we offer a wide range of other services as well. For a breakdown on our other offerings, check our our Services page.

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